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Playing Spiderman
It should be noted how this title does not deviate much from the structure of its previous gaming transpositions (as in previous episodes you will find yourself dealing with the same situations of the game, with the classic missions to accomplish and with the comparison to the end of each chapter with the boss of the moment), which reproduces also the screenplay for the film which takes its cue from, but we're dealing with a much more compelling gaming experience, thanks to the technical realization of the setting, it will be difficult that a player is not able to dive in the vastness of the big apple, perfectly realized in terms of graphics and animation, where in addition to the definition of the characters who live in Manhattan and the enemies of the turn is also a characteristic day-night cycle.

In particular, the animations of the main character and boss in office are extremely fluid and are notable for the excellent achievement. The title Treyarch itself does not offer, however, a three-dimensional engine able to squeeze the full potential of the console Microsoft, but it is noted for excellent management, with practically no load times. Spider-Man 3 is a game technically well done, even though unpretentious, making it one of the many titles in the Action Adventure park, but failed to set new standards of the genre.

In particular, any deficiencies that may be due to a specific marketing strategy, (the title has been developed for a large variety of platforms, from housewives to those laptops: Wii, Playstation 2, Playstation 3, PC, PSP, GBA, NDS) which affect the yield of the title being developed by Treyarch not exploiting the full potential of the Xbox 360. The title still manages to present an experience perfectly parallel to the output of the film on the big screen, thus making the delight of all fans of Spider-Man, although it does not represent anything new or extraordinarily innovative in the gaming landscape.

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