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Thanks to the proliferation of online casinos and the immediacy of the instrument "internet", the online slots you have created an audience of loyal online playing from anywhere and at any time of day. You play from home, the office and even from your mobile phone .... in the coffee break, lunch ... or night. Although the slots are now high-tech fun and purpose of the game have remained the same as that of machines with mechanical lever to pull which they were, and still are, in traditional casinos. However, online slots have actually added something to the experience of playing slots. In fact, the current slot are full of special effects, eye-catching themes, stunning sound effects, bonus, extra games and especially stratospheric jackpot.

All this could not therefore go unnoticed to the thousands of fans of online gaming. As we said basic operation has remained largely unchanged. The combination of symbols that will appear on your reels will determine subsequent events. Many slots, video slots above all, have special symbols such as wild symbols (wildcards) and scatter (scattered). When these symbols are presented can help you more easily create winning combinations, or they can activate the bonus. Among the bonuses most frequently are those that allow you to win free spins or multipliers that will rise from the prizes you won.

Winning combinations are practically the alignment of certain symbols on a payline slot. The payline (pay-lines) can be one or many, up to 25 or even 50 in a single slot. The information about which are the winning combinations and what are the possible pay lines in an online slots are clearly explained in the table of payments that each slot has. Many of the newer slots also have a function Gamble (bet), through it you will be placed in front of a choice where you have to select a color (red or black) or a suit and if your choice will prove to be correct, you can double or quadruple the your winnings.

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