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The online Paypal account, an instrument of great notoriety gained from the platform for e-commerce, Ebay, today presents itself as one of the preferred payment method also offers the best online casino licensed by AAMS. In the next paragraphs we will try to highlight the main features of this important means of payment. This way, you avoid to leave around their personal information and makes it, in practice, immune from suffering the holder of the scams or appropriation by third parties of their private information. Moreover, this payment method is very simple to use, as it is presents quite intuitive and accessible even to the eyes of those who are not very familiar with the internet and online accounts.

Regarding costs, we must say that if you use Paypal, they are not many. To create a Paypal account, there is no cost to sustain. If you transfer money whose value exceeds the threshold of 100 Euros, you will not pay any fees. However, if you perform transfers under 100 €, the cost of the transaction amounts to EUR 1.50. For all credits received by the user, there is to be paid a commission of 4% on the amount that you receive on your Paypal account online. This account is ideal for all those who need to keep track of all the resources that are allocated to the game in order to give birth to a healthy management of their bankroll.

The online Paypal account is welcomed by many platforms for the online gambling casino with AAMS license. Very often, are offered promotions with which encourages the use of your Paypal account as a payment to top up the gaming account. On average, with deposit bonus, which is paid by casino AAMS does not exceed 10-15% of the payment made by the user. It represents a small fund to be used to give the possibility to users to try out the latest news, as far as the games offered by online casinos.

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