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After the first long wave of the market in the course of which the online casino companies have faced shots bonus, it's time to keep the customers that there has been hard-won. It is not easy because competitors on the front of the business are getting more and more aggressive. Speaking of new marketing strategies (we talked about it here on the occasion of the agreement with PayPal to the bonus for customers of the door of the virtual bank) shines sense of initiative group Casino, surely also motivated by the fact that it was one of the last reality that has come into play in a fast-paced and fast changing industry. Know how you can make money with best Forex brokers online at www.forextradingathome.com.

The Entertainment giant with its remarkable production of securities slot games and the massive acquisition of Casino rights and wanted to invest now not only new customers, but also on those already conquered: the ones to leave no more going to the competition. Marketing studies argue that this is precisely one of the weaknesses of the customers of the online game: the lack of loyalty. Just a game wrong, some titles not lucky, a glitch in the system (event experienced as an authentic cataclysm from any business operator) and the player is directed elsewhere.

The interaction is definitely one of the strong parts of the Casino platform: a few other online reality allow players to talk, talk, challenge each other. But also to meet and make friends. The second strong point are the bonuses: the first from 10 € no deposit, just to test the service and then get to the "bonus pack" which consists of a series bonus accumulated between them that allow each player to grow their game account up to 1,000 Euros. The bonus offer starts with a percentage of 100% on first deposit up to 300 €, the offer is reactivated each new month with an initial deposit and a monthly rate of 25% up to a maximum of € 50 for 12 months. Made two calculations are € 600 extra per year plus another € 100 gift for the birthday of the player and other extras.

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