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Before initiated into the game of blackjack is essential that several elements of its operation is known. One of these elements and which is of great relevance is the basic strategy of blackjack. To be able to understand it and use it in your game here I'll tell you the rules that govern others and I'll tell you is it works. Before it's worth noting that in the game of blackjack directly intervenes odds of the game. So if you've heard or been talked about a strategy that ensures infallibly win should doubt this claim since this strategy does not exist.

The first thing to know about these rules of basic strategy of this game is that these are guidelines that tell us that it is now desirable to draw cards to the dealer or that time is best to keep the ones we have. From the previous figure are other details that should be known rules and these are the following: The first is that when letters are requested is only when the cards you have in hand does not exceed 16 points. In this way, you should know that if the croupier asks cards is because the hand of the house is less than this amount of points.

The performance of this strategy is simple. According to this and to explain in a simple way here are some good examples: If we think that the hand that gives the dealer has to go we can take the example of having the visible card of 5 or even 6 points. casino and poker strategy With one of these cards can be inferred uncovered the possibility that through the lens. For this case the operation of the basic strategy tells us to keep the cards, considering that a score higher than 11 is held. To better understand this if the dealer has uncovered letters as highest score is 9 or even a 10. In this situation it is best to ask for a letter if it exists for example less than 17 points in the current hand.

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